• Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

    Cultural Engineer

  • Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

    Sole Founder - COUM Transmissions

  • Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

    Founder - Temple ov Psychic Youth T.O.P.Y.

  • Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

    Other half ov Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge

  • Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

    Co-Creator ov Pandrogeny ... a third being

  • Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

    Singer, Lyricist ov Psychic TV, Thee Majesty and Throbbing Gristle

  • Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

    Co-conceiver, co-namer of Industrial Music

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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge Excerpts from a dialogue with Dominic Johnson It seems useful to us, in our practice, to adopt the assumption that there is no way of knowing which has supremacy, the recording device that is...

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What do you write about someone who has seen and done it all, been through hell and back, currently lives between heaven and hell, and has become an absolute legend in their lifetime? This is the challenge of profiling the prolific and transcendent Genesis...


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Not long after this, Alaura and E scraped together coum money and coumissioned a close friend and individual John Gosling to build us a Dreamachine large enough to be used by several TOPI individuals and allies simultaneously, and robust enough to...


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Genesis P. Orridge, forty three year old pandrogyne has shocked his way from the ‘60s to the ‘90s with the motto, ‘when in doubt, be ex-dream.’ Arch-anarchist and prime-time prankster, he first gained public notoriety at the infamous ‘Prostitution’ exhibition at the...

“Genesis P-Orridge is directly connected to a place few of us have the courage to visit (certainly not on a regular basis, and certainly not over the course of an entire life). His life and work constitute a fierce, sustained act of willful imagination, an uncompromising personal insistence on keeping open a mainline flow to the magic hidden just beneath the surface of daily quotidian existence. Most of us buckle under and leave this place behind sometime in late childhood. Genesis has made a life’s work (and a life’s play) out of it, revealing in the process something we should have known (or remembered) all along. As such, he’s an heroic figure – in his refusal of everything banal and soul-crushing – the lies, identity traps, and control of modern mass media culture – he points the way laughing.”
Michael Gira – Young God Records/ Angels of Light/ Swans.

“Mr P-Orridge is an artist of integrity and dedication. I do not believe that it is his intention to subvert, deprave or corrupt. I am sure that his aims are those of an artist.”
Bridget Riley – Artist.

 “”I have known Genesis P-Orridge over a period of years and I consider him a devoted and serious artist in the Dada tradition…he instructs by pointing out banality through startling juxtapositions.”
 William S. Burroughs – Writer.

“I have no doubt that Genesis P-Orridge is a serious artist. It seems entirely consistent  with his way of working that the use of the mail service should form part of his art activity, and from my own impressions of his seriousness I would find it extremely hard to believe that his intentions could be interpreted as serving a pornographic end.”
Sir Norman Reid, Director, Tate Gallery, London.

 “I deplore Genesis P-Orridge and his recent event at the I.C.A. and the attitude of mind that has led to the presentation of art that included chains and items of blood-stained women’s clothing.”
Lord Gibson, Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain.  

“Genesis P-Orridge has done what all artistsshould, but few achieve – he’s dived headfirst into the forbidden regions of the human soul and come up with revelations of the unspoken and the unimaginable. Like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Stanley Kubrick he has added richness to the vocabulary of Western Culture.”
 Howard Bloom, Author of “The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces of History” and “Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from The Big Bang to the 21st Century”.

“Genesis P-Orridge is a riveting live performer who through his status as an underground cult figure can build a bridge out beyond the usual spoken word audience. He makes a deep connection with his audience and always handles them with grace, humor and encouragement.”
Chi Chi Valenti – Founder/Editrix, Jackie 60/Verbal Abuse/Mother.

 “His postcards are obviously designed to highlight the banal by the juxtapositioning of well known artists such as Magritte, Duchamp and Man Ray with images drawn directly from “popular” culture. I consider the cards to be humorous, satirical and ironic commentaries.
Ted Little, Director of Exhibitions, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

 “A rare and extreme opportunity to read the extraordinary method, theory and insight into the genius of Genesis P-Orridge. So please take advantage of this exotic rare creature since this breed of individuality and originality is only one of a kind.”
Karen Finley – Performance Artist, Writer.

 “Genesis P-Orridge has been selling Britain with putrid ‘art’…his putrescence is squalid rubbish. Mr Orridge is prostituting Britain.”
SUN Newspaper Editorial, London 1976.

“Genesis P-Orridge is an artist and not a pornographer.”
William S. Burroughs – Writer.

“Genesis P-Orridge will go down in history for his art – inextricably entwined with his life – which agressively advocates respect for dreaming, surrealist creativity, astringent cultural activism and the permanent refusal to accept status quo-implanted notions of “reality”.”
V.Vale – RE/Search Publications founder/publisher. 

“If this is art God help us!”
 London Evening News comment on Genesis P-Orridge.

“Genesis has been an invaluable pioneer in developing a new language, a tremendous influence.” 
Dr. Timothy Leary – 20th Century Cultural Explorer

 “The public looks at Genesis and thinks he’s a devil or a saint. He is not either. But he is a little bit of both. Like a kaleidoscope, the pattern the audience would see, “good” or “evil”, is really  the reflection of themselves turning into the angels or monsters that THEY are! So is the icing on the cake sweet or bitter? Take a taste and judge for yourself. But unless you really know the baker, don’t confuse him for the cake…”
 Monte Cazazza –  Cultural Mortician.

“Genesis is a modern cultural icon and a not easy to emulate Anti-Naturalist, his music, art and writings arouse the loud unruly shockingly silver thoughts in all of us who have been lucky enough to be exposed to his vast lifetime of works.”
Kembra Pfahler – Anti Naturalist/Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black.

“Mr P-Orridge has gained worldwide renown as a performance artist, musical innovator and new wave mixed-media performer and is one of the leading new purveyors of alternative fusion music and art. It is the opinion of this union that this artist is one of extraordinary ability, based on his distinction in the arts.”
Wade Alexander – Office of the President, American Guild of Variety Artists.

“Genesis P-Orridge’s art is disgusting.”
Roy Shaw, Director of the Arts Council of Great Britain .

“Genesis P-Orridge is the most interesting example I can think of to illustrate the notion of an artist using their life as the mediium for their art. He has made it his consistent mission to obliterate not only the lines between art and life, but those which separate fantasy and reality, low and highbrow and even gender.”
Skot Armstrong – Contextualist.

“Genesis P-Orridge is not only equipped with a lot of know how but he is also a very powerful person in person. A very colorful and effective teacher. He is developing new methods of communicating, new forms of art. We’re friends and we’re brothers and we learn from each other.”
Dr. Timothy Leary – Psychedelic Pioneer.

“My recollection of Throbbing Gristle ramrodding the paradigmic state of Punk Rock in the late seventies in Los Angeles gave me fodder and an ethic that I still apply to my own work today. Rail and investigate pop culture but don’t be too lenient with the alleged underground…we all need to be challenged.”
Kembra Pfahler – Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black/Anti-Naturalist. 

“Genesis has been described as the William S. Burroughs of his generation and has the ability to entertain for an evening and provoke serious thought for the weeks that follow. He is truly a unique individual whose love of challenging establishment values inspires us all and brings meaning where there is none. In short he is a celebration of life.”
Martin Atkins – Owner, Invisible Records.

“Never a cheap substitute  Genesis’ experiences open up new worlds that are remarkable, both synchronous and genuinely leading you to a new sort of existence in the most enlightening journeys imaginable.”
Brian K. Evenson – Author

“Genesis P-Orridge has been a cornerstone for the Industrial music movement, always growing, mutating and staying on the very edge of creativity inspiring such artists as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails. His diverse thought provoking ideas have continually questioned the very foundations of the house he has helped to build.”
Martin Atkins – Owner, Invisible Records.

“Genesis P-Orridge is a professional and wholly committed artist with a serious approach to his work, and if at times it has a mischievious and provoking quality, this is an essential element in an art which is designed to stimulate and to call into question many of our accepted attitudes.”
Gerald M. Forty – Director, Fine Art Department, British Council. 

“We’re only just getting a look at the maggots in the nest. It is clear this person has been using the excuse and pretence of art  to swan around the world undermining decent values.”
Mr Nicholas Fairbairn, Q.C., Member of Parliament.  

“Knowing Genesis P-Orridge and his work for more than twenty years now, I find myself still as refreshed and touched by his work as I was when I first had, many moons ago, the priviledge of receiving one of those wonderful postcards by this true guerilla art visionary. He intrigued me then and holds my intrigue ever since.”
Little Annie (aka anxiety ) Multi-Media Artist/ Chanteuse.

“Genesis P-Orridge is a musician and entertainer of extraordinary ability who has received sustained international acclaim and distinction in the arts.”
Stephen R. Sprague – Secretary-Treasurer, American Federation of Musicians.

 “In his Transmedia Discourse Genesis left the audience begging for more after 3 hours. It was amazing how he captivated the entire audience and his life story is fantastic. His work ethics are uncompromising.”
Cathee Shultz & James Healy – Owners, The Museum of Death.

“Throughout his career Genesis P-Orridge has relentlessly and ferociously given himself to the deepest levels of self-expression. He has put his life on the line for his art.”
Timothy Wyllie – Author “Dolphins, Angels, Extra-Terrestrials”

“Genesis P-Orridge’s actions are an attempt to break down the barriers between audience and performer; between doers and watchers; between the ordered and the free; between fun and ritual and between cynics and the young at heart.”
Mike Walker – Director, Hull Arts Centre.

“Genesis has the same spirit of humanism as the Beats in the fifties, and there’s a great sense of humor there as was true of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as well. That sense of irony and fun.”
Dr. Timothy Leary – Harvard Professor/Author.

“With their performances designed to perplex and involve the audience in something other than the traditional responses some might say that Genesis and COUM were madmen, but constant exposure to mankind forces me to believe that we need more madmen like them.”
John Peel – Radio One DJ in London, UK.

“ Dear Genesis, I should have written to you last year. I liked your poem “From the cold stone cottage.” I’m sorry you couldn’t transfer to the English Dept. Professor Brett and I regretted that they had very  little time to give to an exceptional person such as yourself…”    
Richard Murphy - Professor of Poetry, Hull University, UK.  2 June 1970.

“Genesis, I’m glad you’re still writing though I must admit I found difficulty in connecting with some of the more loosely constructed pieces. You seem not to value construction, coherence, and form and to care less about the communicable meaning of words and more about the rush of momentary emotion and the dislocation of the senses.”
Richard Murphy - Professor of Poetry, Colgate University, USA. 18 Oct  1971.

“Genesis P-Orridge heard the telepathic call of the dolphins and responded with an act of love and freedom.”
 Timothy Wyllie – Author “Dolphins, Angels, Extra-Terrestrials”

“His work as COUM realises new approaches of making art, theatre and dance. Genesis is indefinable, characterised by a total and indiscriminate open-mindedness towards ideas. His performance uses ambiguity and transformism to touch on the surreal aspect of modern man.”
Giancarlo Politi – Publisher, Flash Art.

“Genesis P-Orridge is the master (mistress) of self-reinvention.”
Timothy Wyllie – Author “Dolphins, Angels, Extra-Terrestrials”

“Genesis P-Orridge, however unconventional his form of art, is thoroughly serious in his intention. He is a man whose actions are motivated by sincerely held and carefully considered views of his role as an artist in society and he has shown courage and dedication in pursuing his career in the way he has, rather than opting for more conventional and perhaps rewarding alternatives.”
Gerald M. Forty – Director, Fine Art Department, British Council. 

 “It appears, only when looking back, how many steps forward my lovely friend was. And, when the future allows reflection and consumption eats at the heart, the truth within his path will endure as pure Art.”
OGRE –  Skinny Puppy, process-eon poet, lyrical vocal anthropologist, artist.

 “This vile man corrupts kids.”
The Sunday People newspaper feature headline, London, England.

“It’s sickening and disgusting and it’s not art.”
Chris Burden – Los Angeles performance artist and sculptor.