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Brion Gysin His Name Was Master

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Through five decades of transformative art and music, Genesis P-Orridge has broken down binary thinking – s/he talks divine creation, dinner with Donatella, and America’s political apocalypse.

Taken from the summer 2016 issue of Dazed:

Perhaps no living artist personifies the communion of art and life as profoundly as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Through half a century of transformative performance, music, visual art and personal evolution, the radical artist has laid a prophetic groundwork in dissolving binaries – between physical and spiritual, sacred and profane, and even life and death. To plumb the depths of h/er oeuvre – h/er pioneering work with COUM Transmissions, Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Splinter Test, Pigface, PTV3, the Pandrogeny Project, etc – is to initiate a study in the ecstatic power of energy and intent. Nearly everything Genesis touches becomes art, or anointed with symbolic juju for use in an artwork to come.

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