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Brion Gysin His Name Was Master

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Interviews & Reviews

Genesis P-Orridge, 1999, Index Magazine

Though much of his career has been centered on recordings and concerts, music seems tangential to Genesis P-Orridge’s mission. For more than twenty-five years, he has asked us to reconsider what exactly makes our modern life any more civilized than what came before. And despite having been listed as one of England’s “undesirables,” his work, in all its varied manifestations, has consistently proposed a more dignified way of living.
In 1975, after several years of touring with a performance art group called Coum Transmissions — who made their final appearance in the riotous “Prostitution” show at London’s ICA — Genesis and his co-conspirators reconvened in their East End studio to establish the band Throbbing Gristle. And so began a five year intervention into popular music. While most of the punk bands around them were shouting over stripped-down one-chord rock and roll, TG responded to post-industrial England with nothing less than industrial music.


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Bomb Interview Dawson

I met Verne Dawson while sitting beside him at Table 23 at the celebration for Dream Machine: Brion Gysin at the New Museum in New York. Dawson revealed a cosmic process previously unsuspected by me: the genii of the 22 paths of the Kabbalah and their correspondence to the 22 major cards of the Tarot. He spoke also of inspiring entanglements and structures of linear time, of folkloric tales and myths disguising moon cycles and astronomy. He opened all three of my eyes to entire waves of sacred geometries and the internal structures of our enveloping universe, changing my means of perception irrevocably. Just as Brion Gysin had done in Paris in his quaquaversal conversations with me, gifting me knowledge that we shall all ways value.

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