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White blood cell count

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So we went with Roxy to thee Horse Pistol ‪on Thursday around noon‬. First they took blood to test, then after a wait for a while we saw my Oncology specialist.  Unfortunately not thee news we wanted. My white cells have tripled. Which means we are getting less oxygen delivered to my organs because there's not enough red to counter-balance thee loss..!   Not a big enough reversal to get me re-admitted but enough to need more regular blood testing. So now it’s Mondays and Thursdays. Thee hope is to find a balance between white and red. So we are taking Hydrea once a day. We began on that, a regimen of  3 pills 3 times a day. BUT after we began chemo with IDHIFA we were stopped from ANY Hydrea. NOW we are on just 2 pills a day at the same time we take the IDHIFA...fingers crossed this reduces thee white cells just enough to balance my blood levels out healthily. Meanwhile we went to JFK Airport to meet Susana from Spain. She is visiting for a month and has volunteered to help take care ov me while we are weak from my leukemia. Bless her, and all ov you for your wonder full support and assistance. I.T. helps me persevere I.T. really does. There was a terrible, freezing wind. Thee cold ov I.T. triggered an asthma like attack several times. We hate thee way we are weakened and not my usual energy and strength. We are so used to giving butter find receiving still a little awkward. Lady Jaye said, "ACCEPT ALL GIFTS " and we are trying to do just that. Just ate a tastey "Hot Pot" made by Mee Ysanne. Delicious... We REALLY hope we can breathe and move once more. Every time we even cross my room we get so short of breath.! Rest is not so easy when you are as used to doing non-stop like my SELF. BIG L-ov-E to you all, NOTHING SHORT OV A TOTAL HEALTH..... Gen

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