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Full Moon

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Tonight there is a full moon over the UK. We all know the power of the moon. It controls the tides, menstrual cycles and, as a lot of parents of autistic kids like mine will tell you, it can have a significant effect on their behaviour and sleeping patterns. There is no question, even if you don’t believe in the spiritual side of it, that the moon is of great significance to us all.
I know many of you will be preparing your altars and offering your prayers to the goddess this evening, to channel this burst of positive energy. I am asking one thing from you, no matter what or who you pray to. Please say a blessing for the beautiful soul that is Genesis P-Orridge, who is battling leukaemia. Every positive thought , blessing or prayer focuses all the extra positivity and really can make a difference. Blessed be x

Genesis P-Orridge: We really value messages like this one Mandy. Thank you. Today we woke up and my breathing wasnt so good. We are sitting wsith oxygen on full now. It concerns me because my Drs. said if my breathing gets "difficult" it MIGHT mean the chemo we are receiving is having a negative side-effect or not working. SO this is a momeant where any energies you can spare and share are truly gratefully received. They may well tip the balance in my favour. All those cogs and gears, clanking and grinding that generate our futures may just need a nudge into a direction that leads to my being healed. Your decision to donate a momeant of loving and unconditional focussed energy of whatever type your internal belief system generates to a future could be that critical push that leads to my healing...all these chosen gifts of time and unselfish love are precious to and for me. THANK YOU all...Gen

Daniel LeVesque
🙏 Deep intentional breaths, meditations, prayers and sigils for breathing for Genesis P-Orridge now now NOW! Send all intention that way, focus to improve breathing and for healing!

Darcey Leonard
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Genesis P-Orridge and we ask that you join us with yr energy today at 5pm West Coast, 8pm East Coast to send a rainbow of love their way. Thanks.

Unknown Pleasures Records
[eng] The world of industrial, experimental and psychedelic music owes much to Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV...) and is a character who has always inspired my musical and artistic conduct as a visual artist, DJ, musician and label owner. So when I saw that the GPO was sick of leukemia I asked myself a simple question: what can we do for h/er?
And I found a solution that comes from the heart, I want to make a 500 CD compilation TRIBUTE TO GENESIS P. ORRIDGE and send him all the money from sales after payment of pressing costs.
If you wish to participate, with a cover of Throbbing Gristle or Psychic TV, contact me on this page or on the Unknown Pleasures Records facebook page.
This initiative, even modest, can bring others, we must help this artist in one of the most difficult moments of his life.

Michael Anthony Alago
I LOVE YOU Genesis P-Orridge <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back, mobilizing all your resources-spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical. Norman Cousins. <3
Cultivating pure love and true wisdom greatly enlivens the heart and brain, physically as well as spiritually. And the harmonization of love principle in the heart and the wisdom principle in the brain creates a magnetic force that draws healing energy into the whole body.

Ugo Fist
November marks the 40th anniversary of TG's seminal debut LP, 2nd Annual Report. I first heard the album about this time of year in 1984. A friend and I were indulging in certain mind altering substances and put on the backwards version of the LP, listening to it in its entirety. I'd had some interest in TG before then, but their more abstract, experimental works had left me feeling somewhat ambivalent. I didn't really get it. That night, however, a kind of psychic rewiring took place and suddenly what was happening became crystal clear to me. I realized I was listening to something that had gone much further into reinventing music than merely being nostalgic over tribalism. These noises had gone right back into the DNA of sound itself and what I was hearing was the primordial ooze of the first molecules of sonic life coming together and becoming animate. From this point, my entire perception of music and sound radically shifted context and this reorientation became a permanent part of my physiological architecture around music, how it could be made and what sounds could be used. It was a paradigm shift in the truest sense and it's something that has rarely happened to me in my life. I can count the number on one hand. So happy birthday to 2nd Annual report and my deepest thanks to Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Christopherson and Chris Carter for making this happen.

Ian Breeze
Genesis I love you with all my heart albeit I haven't had much time spent with you in my life so far but I'm incredibly grateful to be able to call you my godparents. I'm excited about the time I've been able to converse a bit with you over the previous weeks and get to know you a bit better. I implore all my friends and family to send gen some good thoughts and wishes, good vibes from afar. I'm sure its tough but you have a LOT of people who care deeply for you and want only the best for you. No matter what happens you have an enormous repertoire of people to talk to, myself included of course and I'm thankful you seem to be provided the care you need. I love you, I look up to you, I respect you as a mentor I've hardly had time with, and your demeanor in the face of hard times only proves that to me more and more. Keep on keeping on genesis!
Send gen some love!!