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Brion Gysin His Name Was Master

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16 November, 2017

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We went for our blood tests again today. After Monday's being disappointing we were a bit trepidant. Whenever we sit in the large Oncology waiting room we feel very fortunate. There are momeants when it feels like half thee beings there are semi-transparent ghosts...perhaps it's thee face masks to avoid infection? They remove thee face from which we learn so much intuitively. And so many ov thee eyes look haunted by uncertainties. Susana was with me today. It really helps to be there with coumone. Not sure why butter a couple ov old holes from previous blood tests are uncoumfortable. One itches inside thee back ov my hand another hurts whenever we press on it...same "vampire" as last week took four vials ov blood. An amazing deep, deep red. We were thinking if only we could patent that exact colour, like Yves Klein "BLUE" . Thee precise tones ov mortality.
After thee usual ongoing wait for results we were ushered into my Doctor's office for results. NOW! There's no way we can ever prove this, or even produce evidence to back up my personal feelings, BUTTER, my white cell count has GONE DOWN !! Which is very positive. So many ov you have prayed, shared your energies in your own private ways. From well wishing to Sigils...on Monday my white cells were at 38, today they are at 23 !!! ( OF COURSE!)...down by 15...magick defends itself and this number 23 behaves very much like a trickster. 23 genes in DNA, 23 seconds for blood to go around our body once. Once you begin to befriend "23" it plays with you. Like a mischievious pet. But also maintaining your connection to thee inner circuitry ov this apparent Universe. So we coumclude that all your beauty FULL rituals, Sigils, thoughts, momeants ov coumtemplation have been heard. Picked up by thee alchemical cogs and gears ov phenomenal perception. Our OTTT Network activating has, in turn, activated adjustmeants in thee eternity machines moving events towards a far more favourable unfolding than none-active, passive acceptance could do. Which means we owe you a huge THANK YOU...all of you for every last drop ov L-ov-E you've sent my way so far. My trips to "vampires" are back down to weekly. My daily intake ov Hydrea is to remain at 4 per day for thee momeant. IDHIFA once a day.
We hope that sharing thee minutiae ov my situation will coumtribute to a more open discussion ov our toxic enviromeant. And reduce thee sense of (almost) "shame" we feel in that large waiting room.