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Nov 17

16 November, 2017

We went for our blood tests again today. After Monday's being disappointing we were a bit trepidant. Whenever we sit in the large Oncology waiting room we feel very fortunate. There are momeants when it feels like half thee beings there are semi-transparent ghosts...perhaps it's...

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Nov 15

15 November, 2017

On Monday we went to thee Horse Pistol with Roxy and Susana. It's all ways sobering to see a large space filled with humanE Beings all suffering through chemo and cancers. Thee energy levels are really low. A room of ghosts who are aware they carry a spirit of mortality within them....

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Nov 11

White blood cell count

So we went with Roxy to thee Horse Pistol ‪on Thursday around noon‬. First they took blood to test, then after a wait for a while we saw my Oncology specialist.  Unfortunately not thee news we wanted. My white cells have tripled. Which means we are getting less oxygen delivered...

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Tags: health, love
Nov 9


TODAY is a big day for my ongoing treatment for leukemia. Thee IDHIFA chemo therapy has to be monitored constantly. Each week 4 precious vials ov my blood
are drawn and checked for critical levels of white and red cells. When we were diangnosed with this bone marrow cancer my white...

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Nov 7

Full Moon

Tonight there is a full moon over the UK. We all know the power of the moon. It controls the tides, menstrual cycles and, as a lot of parents of autistic kids like mine will tell you, it can have a significant effect on their behaviour and sleeping patterns. There is no question,...

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